Monday, September 20, 2010

A Week in Our Life

It was a crazy week.  Between illness, a jewish holiday and a lot of running around, I managed to finish the week of photo journaling.  I was a lot of fun.  It just proves how much we eat out in a week when our menu planning goes out the window.  I am really looking forward to scrapping the week and actually I am looking forward to doing this again.  There are many times through the week when I forgot to take a photo. All of the little moments that are so important to record went unnoticed and it wasn't until I reflected on the day that I  would hit my head and remember that I should have taken a photo.

Here is the week finished off.  I will post the scrapbook when I finish it, hopefully some time this week.

Yin & Yang cupcakes that I made for a friend's birthday
Making applesauce with Sam
Buying Sam's haloween costume at Value Village was so much fun.  I am constantly amazed at how creative Sam can be.
Sam playing at the park.
Yom Kippur dinner with family and puppy.
Brunch with family lots of travelling.

Finding time during the busy weekend to do homework
Dinner Sunday evening.
Family group shot, we had a contest to see who would take the best group shot, Sam won.

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