Monday, September 13, 2010

A week in our life

Back in April 2010 Ali Edwards of created an online journal and then a scrapbook of a Week In the Life. I thought this idea was brilliant and wanted to do it. Well it has taken until September, but I am finally ready to attempt a photographic journal of a week in the life of the Fryer family.
If I wait any longer we will be into major home renovations and I would really like to have nothing on the go while the house is turned upside down and we are dislocated for 2 weeks.
This week is a typical week for us. Nothing out of the ordinary going on which is why I thought it perfect for doing the journal. I will be posting the photos a day late, but hopefully it will give a full grasp of what goes on in my life. I am also hopeful that my family will not be too annoyed with me photographing them every moment for an entire week. I think they can also appreciate what the outcome will be.
Thank you Ali for sharing your life and helping me to find inspiration in mine.

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