Friday, September 17, 2010

Christmas Planning

Had to post this right away.  Mandi of Organizing Your Way has created and posted a Christmas Planning Printables and an ebook. 

How wonderful is Mandi for doing this just when I needed it.  Now the stress I have been feeling has been lessened by this little bundle of printables.

Last month I started thinking about my Christmas budget, with the traveling I'm doing in December and the Bathroom Reno next month, I am completely frazzled with how to even begin to put my Christmas budget down of paper. = Stress

We have decided to do a Secret Santa among our close friends, so even though we are not buying individual gifts for everyone (except the children), that one gift for the one person has to be extra special. = Stress

I have decided that this is the year of Christmas Cards, every year previous, I am making cards the week of Christmas and handing them out as we go.  I want to be prepared this year. = Stress

A Christmas Elf has visited early this year.  All of my stress points are covered in this ebook.  Brilliant!!

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