Wednesday, September 22, 2010

50 simple ways to show your kids you love them

I try every day to tell my son, Sam,  that I love him, but sometimes words are not enough.

We believe in discipline in our house and consequences for actions.  Most parents I know think that I am too hard on my son.  On the other side of that though, most parents also say that our son is one of the best behaved and well rounded children that they know.  
So, how do you find a balance between being a drill Sargent and a passive parent.

I have flat out asked Sam ‘You know I love you, right?’ and he always answers ‘Yes’ without any hesitation.  He knows that there are a lot of kids around him, school friends, family friends and family that have a much easier time and much less discipline in their lives, but he also knows that he is very much loved and appreciated.

I may not be the best mom out there but my child knows he is loved every moment of the day.  Here are some of the ways that I prove on a daily basis that I love my son.

  1. hugs
  2. kisses
  3. tell them “I love you”
  4. tuck them into bed
  5. cuddle under a blanket
  6. quote lines from their favourite movie, it’s like an inside joke that only the two of you will get.
  7. make their favourite dinner - it can be a grand gesture or just another item on the weeks meal plan
  8. pack a note in their lunch box - just for the heck of it or to give encouragement for a test or a race.
  9. squeeze on the shoulder or arm
  10. pat their leg
  11. put a photo of them up at your place of work
  12. thank them for helping out around the house, even if it is their chore to do.
  13. tell others of funny or great things they did when they are around to hear
  14. retell stories to them of when they were young
  15. make them laugh
  16. listen when they speak, really listen
  17. measure their body against yours for their growth
  18. play a game, either a board game or as simple as a thumb war.
  19. go for a walk
  20. ask how their day was, ask what the best and the worst thing of the day was
  21. high five them
  22. tickle them
  23. have a pillow fight
  24. read together
  25. hold their hand
  26. put a smiley face on their sandwich or apple
  27. make popcorn and watch a movie together
  28. make them healthy food
  29. go on a picnic even if it’s just a snack in the backyard or balcony
  30. let them get dirty
  31. let them have a bubble bath with extra bubbles
  32. always support your child, have their back.
  33. get them a small gift without them having to ask
  34. take time off work to go to a school assembly or on a class trip
  35. make one day a year not their birthday a special day to do all of their favourite things
  36. bake cookies together
  37. play rock paper scissors or eye spy when standing in line
  38. sing and dance around with the when no music is playing
  39. smile at them
  40. let them choose which snack or cereal to buy at the grocery store
  41. compliment them
  42. involve them in your hobby
  43. wake your child up with kind words, like “Good Morning Sunshine”
  44. make a special handshake together
  45. apologize when you are wrong
  46. ask their opinion
  47. give big bear hugs, lifting them off of the ground
  48. blow bubbles on a hot day
  49. make snow angles just after it snows
  50. tell them again you love them with words

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