Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Okinawan Lifestyle

I have been reading the Okinawa Program.

I have had the book for a while and have heard about how the Okinawa people are the healthiest in the world and with my vegan month only a few days away, I thought that this book may give me some inspiration and motivation.

The diet is quite interesting.  Most healthy living lifestyles I have read about in the past are all about eliminating foods from the diet.  This seems to embrace all foods, just certain ones need to be in moderation.

Here is the breakdown.

  1. Eat 10 fruit and vegetables daily
  2. Eat 10 whole grain foods daily
  3. Eat 2 calcium foods daily
  4. Eat 3 flavinoid foods daily
  5. Eat 2 omega 3 foods daily
  6. Drink 8 water or tea daily
  7. Eat meat in moderation, only twice weekly
  8. Eat sweets in moderation, only twice weekly

To me the idea of eating 10 whole grain foods seems pretty unlikely.  Just eating 10 fruit and veggies seems very overwhelming at times.

The other aspects of the lifestyle of the Okinawan is Exercise and Stress reduction.

Exercise is simple, walk more and move more.  There are no rigorous fitness programs to follow, just walk more and move more.  Something most of us have seemed to have lost with the age of technology.

Gardening is also a large proponent to the lifestyle.  Which I think is a way of being spiritual beings and one with nature, which in turn lowers stress.  Another detriment to the age of technology, people are moving away from nature and spirituality and stress levels are on the rise.

The whole package is needed to maintain health throughout our lives.  Diet, exercise and spirituality are the keys to long life.  The trouble is finding a balance with all three and fitting that within our hectic lives.  That is always the problem I find, organizing my life to to make health and happiness the priority.

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