Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bistro Camino

Bistro Camino

Since eating at home is a bit problematic at the moment we decided to eat out at Bistro Camino.  http://dvbia.ca/merchants.asp?idn=418&pg=2
We have been curious about it since it opened and decided that this past Friday was the day to give it a try.

I am so glad we did.  The entire dining experience was phenomenal.  Often times when you dine with children you are treated rather poorly, especially in nicer restaurants.  Now if I were dining with a child that was loud, obnoxious and didn’t eat anything but chicken fingers I could see how some places would be annoyed, but Sam is respectful and loves food.  The attitude toward our family was lovely, to our waitress, Sam was just another customer.  

We all had something different for dinner which showed off the diverse menu.  Sam had crab and cream croquettes and a salad with a divine soy dressing.  I had Duck and Italian sausage and Shawn had the Shrimp Americano.  Both Sam and I had a soup to start which I thought was the best part of the meal and since the entire meal was great the soup was just a bit more over the top.  It was a curry chicken soup with just a hint of sweetness from coconut milk.  The vegetables included with both my dinner and Shawn’s were done to perfection.  There were beets, baby corn, roasted potatoes and a puree of navy bean and a poulenta mash.

Our waitress was very hospitable and answered all questions we had.  There was a moment I noticed at the table behind us where the gentleman had dropped his napkin and she brought him another without him even asking.  That is service.  At one point during the dinner Chef Hiroshi Hattori came out to ask us how everything was.  I noticed he went to every table that evening.

We will definitely be back again and again and bring everyone we know to enjoy the experience as well.

It is very nice to see that a restaurant of this calibre can make in at Danforth and Dawes road.  There is hope for our little neighbourhood.

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