Friday, October 22, 2010

Bathroom/Hallway Renovation Day Four

Wow what a change.  When Shawn and I stripped the lath and plaster off of the walls in two of the bedrooms upstairs it took what seemed forever.  Our upstairs hallway, ceiling, down the stairs and across the front door was done in a day, and they cleaned up. The room is not that big so there could not have been too many people there but how did they do it so fast.

When Sam saw the bare walls he was a bit frightened, until I reminded him that it looked very rustic, like our friends cottage and that made him more comfortable.

With the bare walls, we could see, how much heat loss we had, with no insulation and the spaces between the boards were huge in some places.  There is a spot on the south wall near the ceiling that looks like a nest had been built, (no wonder we could hear noises coming from that area, they were quite cozy up there).  There is still knob and tube wiring in the walls, not hooked up to anything, but I am happy the electrician is coming today to check it all out.  With the weather being minus three this morning I will also be very happy when the room is insulated.

The funny thing is the only room not touched yet is the bathroom, the original room we had planned on renovating.  The hallway and now stairs just blossomed from that point.

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