Monday, November 15, 2010

Renovations continued

OK the renovations have been going very slowly.  Let’s see when last I blogged about this the bathtub ended up in my hallway for a week.  It was becoming the once a week project, where only one thing was done in a week.  It makes for a painfully slow process especially when the water is off for the entire house and there is no toilet.  This week though, three things were accomplished.  The insulation went up around the walls, which is a good thing since the temperature is around -4 in the morning when I get up and get going.  The electrician was finally here and put up lighting, wiring for the bathroom and electrical outlets in various rooms.

I must admit the delays have been quite frustrating and I know that it is to be expected, but when you are living in a house with no water and no toilet and you are the type of person that has to get up twice a night to pee, frustrating is an understatement.

A new week sees new possibilities and optimism renewed.

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