Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting Rid of Paper Clutter

This week's challenge on Simple Mom was to Simplify Paper Clutter.  This is a very difficult area for me because we eliminated most of our paper clutter a year or so ago.  But I thought I would explain how we did it.

All receipts for all purchased items including food gets inputted into PearBudget .  Then the receipt either gets thrown out or if may be needed in the future (proof of purchase re electronics or to keep a warranty valid), the receipt is kept in a file in the filing cabinet

Junk mail is immediately thrown out.

Any items that are to be put into a scrapbook goes into a specific drawer to be scrapped at a later date.

School work is stacked in a basked on Sam's desk and we go through it once a month to throw out anything that is no longer needed.

Paper clutter was the one thing that was overwhelming us.  Until we took control we were drowning. Now with a bit of effort and a place for everything we are much happier with what comes into the house.

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