Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to School

Back to school is still a week away and I am already stressing out. Last year was a difficult one an this is a new year in a new school. A lot to worry about. It is very difficult to not show my own anxiety when talking about back to school with my son. Middle school is equipped with it’s challenges, mostly different subjects with different teachers that have their own likes and dislikes when it comes to binders, notebooks and homework requirements. This school has a pool so more clothes in a normal week. Lockers are a new potential wasteland of forgotten items, and I thought his backpack was bad enough. I am envisioning many trips back to school before dinner to retrieve forgotten books or notes.

Today over at I read a wonderful article by Mandi of on back to school routines. my life has just been made a bit less stress free.

With the help of the article I have put together my own list of routines that I will implement with the family next week.


Eat healthy breakfast which includes a a grain, a fruit and a protein in each meal

Put lunch in backpack (packed the night before and waiting in the fridge)

Leave for school on time (do not do anything that will distracting from that objective)

After School

Empty out backpack (so nothing is forgotten about, homework or food)

Put dirty lunch in sink (wash dirty dishes and refill water bottle)

Organize homework and notebooks (put everything in it’s place for ease of doing homework and assignments due)

After Dinner before Family Fun time

Do homework

Review your schedule, and day-timer for next day activities

Practice piano

Fill out any forms needed for school use (then put back in backpack)

Pack backpack for books and items needed the next day


Make sure backpack is ready to go and by the door

Pack lunch for next day

This routine should cut down on morning rushing around, enough to have that healthy breakfast. It may be a simple common sense approach to going off to school, but it is something that has always eluded my family. Routines are now becoming common place in our daily lives and it is making us a much happier family for it.

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